by Jeff Morrone

It is a legit question. Is this trend trickling down from the NBA? Possibly… think about it, kids are watching their childhood heroes team up in the NBA like they are the damn Avengers. Not to mention the growth of AAU and all the best players from the state, city or county are teaming up.

I know in the past we have had possibilities of this happening. A few times honestly, first prime example the FAB Four for Michigan, Kentucky with John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Daniel Orton and Eric Bledsoe and then several other Kentucky teams.  But from there it never caught on because other teams are trying for the super freshmen who are one and done’s.

Who’s To Blame For the Super Teams?


Kansas is known for bringing a couple a good recruits this year they are bringing together a mix of two five star recruits and two four star recruits:

  • 10 (Quentin Grimes)
  • 21 (Devon Dotson)
  • 36 (David McCormack)
  • 133 (Ochai Agbaji)

. The combo of the four should bring a punch to the Big 12 along with their great Head Coach Bill Self. They will make some noise in the NCAA and could make an elite eight run.

4. LSU

LSU hasn’t really been known to bring in several top recruits at once they had Ben Simmons a couple years ago and we all know how that went for them. This year they are making a splash with their recruiting.  With two five star, two four stars and two three star JUCO. Here is their super team outlook:

  • 18 (Nazreon Reid)
  • 26 (Emimitt Williams)
  • 35 (Ja’Vonte Smart)
  • 62 (Darius Days)
  • 7 (Marion Taylor) (JUCO)
  • 16 (Danya Knight) (JUCO)

They will make the SEC interesting for sure especially going against Kentucky and competing with them. If Coach Wade can pull this team together they will be very tough to beat and will make a deep run in the NCAA.

3. Oregon

Oregon has had some decent teams and hell made a Final Four run a couple years ago. This year they are looking to repeat that effort with the team they are looking putting to put on the floor this year:

  • 4 (Bol Bol)
  • 20 (Louis King)
  • 46 (Will Richardson)
  • 56 (Francis Okoto)
  • 74 (Miles Norris)

With this team on the floor they will have a great chance to make final four run and they are pretty stacked especially in the front court Bol Bol is going to give some teams a hard time in the paint along with Louis King at the small forward position.

2. Kentucky

Kentucky is back at it again with one of this year’s college super teams to watch out for they have:

  • 9 (EJ Montgomery),
  • 12 (Ashton Hagans),
  • 13 Keldon Johnson,
  • 22( Immanuel Quickly)

These are all nationally ranked players. This team is going to be tough to beat and they will most likely run the table in SEC. Coach Cal always brings it with his recruiting and has been doing the one and done teams for a while now. Lately he has been overshadowed by the Coach K.

1.     Duke

This leads me to this year’s other super team, the Duke Blue Devils. This team is stacked:

  • 1 (RJ Barrett),
  • 2 (Cam Reddish),
  • 5 (Zion Williamson)
  • 15 (Tre Jones)

Top players ranked nationally teaming up in what could be one of the best historic teams in the NCAA to play.  I know what you guys are thinking, can they jell together in a 20+ game season? Yes, yes they can! Great basketball players know how to play with each other and great basketball players know how to share the basketball. Followed by they have a great coach in Coach K who coached team USA full of talent.

Here’s My Take

So do I think Super-teams are going to be a trend? Yes! If Duke and Kentucky can be successful this year,  I think we are going to be witness to a new era even with the new NCAA rules in place. I still think the kids who highly rank will end up teaming up with each other. For those of us who love competition and don’t like where the NBA is now I am afraid we will be witness to this in the NCAA.  You watch what your heroes do and you want to be like your heroes and that is teaming up.

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